Morgan Lillian

I’m Morgan Lillian, the voice, editor, and creative director behind, often known quite literally as “Morgan Underscore Lillian”-thanks Instagram.  Often labeled as an influencer, I want to go beyond just sharing the Instagram posts and prancing around in my rotating wardrobe, I want to connect with people; connect with you.

As a 20 something, goal setting, hard working woman, I find myself somewhere between University, my day job, my personal life, and sharing myself online through a little something I call my business. To say I have my own business in itself is surreal to me, and it is something I am so proud of. I am someone who sees what they want, and go heart, soul, and mind into it. Why waste your life doing something mediocre rather than harnessing your passions and creating the life you have always dreamed of? I don’t know about you, but I choose the later. I have big plans for myself and I invite you to follow along on my journey as I grow as a person, businesswoman,  and hopefully one day, an inspiration.

In the past year, I have had the pleasure to work with national brands such as Neiman Marcus, BCBG,Maxazria, Lafayette 148 New York, Coach, Charlotte Tilbury , The Four Seasons Hotels, The Fairmont Hotel, and many others.