Sponsored Posts Influence Me Too

I want to preface this post by sharing that I did not come up with this idea myself. One of my favorite people on the Internet to follow, Emily, recently wrote a blog post on this herself and I just loved the idea behind it so much that I wanted to share the message with you too.

Sponsored posts don’t just influence the audience of bloggers and influencers, but they in fact influence the influencers themselves. You are a consumer, I am a consumer, and all other bloggers are consumers as well. One of the main jobs, if not the number one job of bloggers, is to be an advertiser for bands and companies. Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with and receiving products from so many different brands. There are a lot of products that I get that I don’t actually share, but there are also products that I was introduced to through working with companies which have now become a part of my daily routine and life. Without even knowing it, I have become influenced through influencer marketing being on the content creation side of the sponsored Instagram posts.

I want to point out one more thing, and I am quoting Emily now. “There are a couple of ways sponsored deals come about.

1. An influencer likes a product and reaches out to the brand for a paid partnership.

2. A brand reaches out to an influencer, the influencer uses the product and posts the content.”

Both of these scenarios are instances that I myself have partaken in and ALL of my sponsored partnerships are HUGE successes to me. The feeling of signing a contract with a brand you love and believe in is a feeling that is so rewarding. It is also however a fear of mine because I would never want you to think that the intention behind a sponsored post is payment. For me, payment is always secondary to sharing what and who I love. All of that being said, I am going to share with you what some of those brands and products are.


Sephora Cream Lip Stain – The only affordable lip product I can put on my lips. Everything else always either flakes off, looks cakey, or gets everywhere. At first they sent me these shades I am showing and since then I have personally ordered about 5 more colors too. They have 85 shades!

NeoCell Collagen – I was so excited to have them reach out because I had been looking for a collagen that I loved. I had tried some other kinds before, but after trying NeoCell they are my go to when I shop now. I usually grab mine from Wholefoods or even Amazon!

PayByPhone – I literally use this app almost everyday since I live in the city. Saves me so much time and is so convenient when parking anywhere, plus no more stickers on my windows which I hate! So tacky.

Blue Nile – If I’m totally honest, I have been browsing rings hardcore lately, and ever since partnering with Blue Nile I have been on their sight daily (lol Hi Keegan). Literally I can’t find a jeweler with prices that beat Blue Nile. After posting this photo even Keegan got on there and got my Christmas gift from them. OH and Payton got her engagement ring from them too. Also, my friend Sabrina got her engagement ring from Blue Nile! You should really check out her awesome post on her ring!

Pacsun – Specifically their jeans. I go through a lot of jeans. Either they fade, stretch out over time, or just don’t fit as well as other pairs I have, but my Pacsun jeans have stayed a staple in my closet. More often than not, those are what I reach for daily. Plus, they are super affordable.

Puma via Zappos– These Puma sneakers are my workout shoe. Ever since getting them last summer, they are all I wear for working out.

Skinny Dipped – I. AM. SKINNY. DIPPED. OBSESSED. Specifically the dark chocolate raspberry flavor. I started a long term partnership with them, as a lot of you know, and it truly was one of the most exciting partnerships I have done to date. Seems weird because I don’t really talk about snacks, but guys, all you gotta do is try them to see what I’m talking about. Shameless plug here, they even have a discount code for you all. “MORGAN15” for 15% off 🙂

Orbie – I knew I liked them before even trying them because of their smell, reviews, and the luxe feeling of their branding, but it is now one of the only brands I use on my hair. Specifically the dry texturizing spray, Royal Blowout, Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner and Super Shine.

Zero Hour Detox – I’ve really tested these babies out…think vegas gone wild but in my own home with my best friends LOL! Woke up the next morning a little fuzzy but zero headache and ready to take on the day!

Shiseido – I literally only use this blue eyeliner anymore if I am going to wear eyeliner. If I am feeling like I would rather wear black (which I hardly ever do) I have to borrow Payton’s because I threw all my other eyeliners away. Also, this blush screams I just came from the beach, I’m sunkissed, and I need a shower because I’ve been in the ocean all day and my legs are sticking to the car seat. You know that feeling?


There are so many more, but I thought I would share just a few that stood out to me.

Have you ever been influenced by influencer marketing? Share in the comments below what you have bought!


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