In 2018 I actually Kept My Resolutions

The New Year has come and gone…like…it’s way gone now. Excuse my tardiness, I really don’t have a good excuse, but better late than never I suppose. Aside from getting feedback that y’all wanted more blog posts, I selfishly wanted to share a win of mine in this past year. I actually kept some of my 2018 resolutions! Like, who even does that? You can go back and read my 2018 resolutions if you are curious. I was ambitious and to be honest I did a damn good job keeping myself accountable. Okay I digress, but it was impressive 😉

The resolution that I was most excited about obviously had to do with travel.

I traveled somewhere every month.

This was my all time favorite goal I’ve ever made. If I’m totally honest, I traveled so much that in writing this I couldn’t even remember all of the trips without looking back at my camera roll. I think the first thought that would come to a lot of your minds would be how the f*ck did you afford that?! When you are passionate about something, you make it happen. You just do it. Listen to mega successful people and they will tell you to just go out and do it. (thanks *really helpful*, *very deep*, *I’m very motivated now*…) I mean more or less. The point is, I put this as my first priority. I did not save a lot of money last year…okay maybe no money if I’m being very honest, but that is how I did it. Also, many of the trips I took were work trips. I worked with hotels, restaurants, and other companies which I love doing, but it doesn’t make it a vacation, it makes it work. Lastly, I had a couple family trips. So a combination of financial investment, work, and trips with family is how I made it happen. With all the travel, I did my best to make travel guides for you guys. I know I missed a few here and there, but here are all of the places I traveled in 2018:

January – San Francisco

February – Victoria, BC

March – California Coast Road Trip

April – Nashville, Tennessee

May – Arizona

June – Vegas (you can also check out my older Vegas guide from before I was 21)

July – Moved to San Francisco (guide is different than the first one) and traveled to Vegas again, LA 2x including Laguna Beach and Santa Monica, and San Diego

August – LA again & back to Seattle 2x for my birthday and Bumbershoot

September – Bodega Bay, moved back to Seattle, Napa & Monterey

October – Austin, Texas & back down to LA

November – San Diego & Disneyland

December – New York (guide is from a different trip, but always relatable) & Oregon

The second resolution I kept was…

 Learn to let go of plans I have set.

I know this isn’t really something that is quantifiable, but it was a goal of mine to make progress towards this mindset. This is a hard one for me, and actually I wasn’t always 100% great at this, but looking at myself last year compared to now, I have come a long way. If you are interested in reading a bit more into my personal life and thoughts on this, check out my Things I Never Talk About Online post, specifically the part on Keegan and I.

The last resolution that I kept that I want to touch on was…

Move somewhere for a short period of time.

As most of you know Keegan and I spent our summer living in San Francisco…well I was more or less in SF. I was all over the place as you can tell from my travel log above. If you never knew why we moved down to The Bay, read my post titled Life Update + We Are Moving!

As we are now in full swing right back into a new year, I know some big things are happening and I am so excited to take them on. I will be graduating in June, I will be moving this summer (not out of Seattle), I am going to watch my best friends get married in Maui *que the buckets of tears*, and so much more. I am looking forward to sharing this 2019 journey with you & I hope you will continue to follow along.


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