What My Day To Day Life Is REALLY Like

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Okay…Can I blame you for being curious about what my life is really like on the day to day? Not really. I often think about what certain people’s REAL day to day life looks like, more often than not the people that make it look like they have their shit together. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT’S A LIE. LOL I think that most people who share their life online always hold parts of their life back because it isn’t glam enough, isn’t interesting enough, or quite frankly they don’t have time or energy to share every single detail of their day on social media. For me, I really don’t have time to share everything, plus the day to day stuff is so monotonous and boring that you probably would be bored out of your mind watching. That being said, the mystery of it all makes it that much more alluring for the people who are left not knowing.

Okay so let’s get a few facts out there. I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University. I am treasurer of the fashion club at SPU. I am a blogger. I currently am only working for myself however I did have an Internship this past year with Butter LONDON & I also was a nanny. I am a girlfriend. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a best friend & now even MAID OF HONOR (cue excitement & tears).

SO, knowing all of that, I am going to give you a run-down of what a typical week for me is like. Every day is a little different since my school schedule changes & I am my own boss so there is a bunch of flexibility. Also, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday I have the same school schedule and Tuesdays and Thursdays are the same as well.




8/8:30am: wake up

8-9:20: morning routine (will share in depth in another post), wash my sheets & dirty clothes, get ready for the day. I usually throw on leggings, a sweatshirt, & sneakers.

9:30-12:20: class (this quarter is Contemporary Math-yes I waited until I was a senior to take this-and University Foundations 3100 which is my final Bible course)

12:20-1pm: grocery shop for the week at Trader Joes & New Seasons Market, eat lunch (usually a multigrain waffle with peanut butter and a smoothie)

1:30-3pm shoot looks & projects for the week with Keegan either outside of my apartment, outside of his house, or somewhere close like Ballard or University Village.

3-9/10pm: this chunk of time depends on the week and what I have going on. I usually deep clean my apartment, go to SoulCycle, do homework, have random meetings, & get various chores done in this time frame.

9/10/11pm: this is when I usually cook dinner (yes, I know I am weird), watch a show (hooked on the American’s right now), & get ready for bed – Right now I am loving the Korean BBQ ribs from trader joes for dinner with brown rice!



7:45/8am: wake up

8-8:40am: morning routine & get ready for the day (usually always a lazy outfit since I wake up a little earlier on Tuesdays)

9-11: class (this quarter is Apparel Global Sourcing & Production)

11:15 take Baxter out and play with him for awhile

11:30-7pm: a big chunk of time where I eat lunch, schedule meetings, do homework (a big part of the time), work on blog work, work on fashion club stuff, SoulCycle, & random errands

7pm: Fashion club meeting at school

9pm: dinner & watch a show–I have this weird thing where I like to only eat dinner while I watch something if I am at home and I won’t eat a single thing until the show is on and playing and I am all set up and comfy with my dinner.



8/8:30am: wake up

8-9:20: morning routine, get ready for the day. Often I will get myself together better than Monday & Tuesday, for example this is an outfit that I would put together on days that I “try.” Skirt (spice things up), sweatshirt (I need to always have one piece that is cozy), and boots.

Photo Oct 08, 4 01 02 PM
Photo Oct 08, 4 01 02 PM (1)

These Marc Fisher Indre boots are my favorite & I have been wearing them on repeat. They are comfy enough to walk all over campus but they also say “this girl is trendy & is effortlessly cool.” RIGHT???? Hahaha!

9:30-12:20: class (Contemporary Math & University Foundations 3100)

12:30: eat lunch (again, usually a multigrain waffle with peanut butter and a smoothie)

12:45-11pm: again, this chunk of time depends on the week and what I have going on.


 For example, this week…

I spent this time studying for 2 midterms, writing a 5 page paper, playing with Baxter, SoulCycle, and a friend’s birthday dinner.



7:45/8am: wake up

8-8:40am: morning routine & get ready for the day

9-11: class (Global Sourcing & Production)

11:15 take Baxter out and play with him for awhile

11:30-12pm: again, this chunk of time depends on the week and what I have going on.


 For example, this week…

12-1pm: dentist

1:30pm: take my car into the shop

2pm: pick up my mom’s car to drive while my car gets serviced

2:15-3pm: race back to SPU

3-5pm: take a midterm

5-6pm: walk around campus raising money for the fashion show that the fashion club puts on.

7-10: study for math midterm & finish the 5-page paper

11pm: eat dinner 

*Either days can be SUPER hectic or super chill. It all depends on what is going on



8/8:30am: wake up

8-9:20: morning routine & get ready for the day

9:30-12:20: class (Contemporary Math & University Foundations 3100)

12:30-4pm: lounge around, do homework (I like to get my homework done before the weekend so I can rest and not worry about it), or clean

4:30: SoulCycle

6pm: meet up with Keegan (I usually don’t see him all week)

5-12pm: go to dinner/make dinner, go out with friends, sleep (really depends on my mood)



Sleep in & chill

I like to try and stay off of social media on the weekends if I can



Family day!

Sleep in

12pm: church & lunch with my family (Check the top rated churches in Raleigh)

4pm: Dinner with Keegan’s family at their house


Now that you know what my day to day schedule is really like, I hope you can see that it isn’t perfectly curated. Often I am running around like a mad woman and more often than not my schedule varies week to week. I love being able to have a flexible schedule but it also can be overwhelming. I hope you were able to gain a little insight into my life off of social media through this post even though I know that not EVERYTHING was shared, but I mean, I gotta keep somethings to myself 😉


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