The Search for Denim That Actually Fits Me Is OVER!

The Lord has shined down upon me today with some of the best news I have ever received: denim for gals with big booties and small waists. I don’t know about you, but I have never had a pair of jeans that fits me correctly in all the right places. I was blessed (or maybe cursed??) with legs and a booty that don’t really match my waist size. Either I can never get jeans to fit over my legs/butt, or, if they make it that far, then the dreaded waist gap arrives. There is no winning friends. I have always dreamed of being able to wear stiff denim or any pair of jeans I wanted to, but the reality is, it just doesn’t work for me. For that reason alone, belts have become my best friend.

My wait is finally over though and to my surprise, Pacsun is the answer to my prayers. TBH I had dismissed Pacsun when I was 16 thinking they were too young for me and I never shopped there since. However, last week I received two pairs of jeans from them from their new Fall collection thinking they would be the typical jeans situation and I’d have to return them, but to my surprise they fit like a glove. The only other pair of jeans that has gotten close to fitting perfectly are the Jamie Jeans from Topshop, the only thing about those is that they are super stretchy skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good skinny, but I can’t wear the same jeans every day!

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If you are like me and think you might have the same body type, or you often find yourself with the same issues when it comes to jeans, I’d highly checking out Pacsun. Not to mention most all of their denim is $59! Um, also, did they revamp in the past few years?? Either that or I’ve been living under a rock. I think they are my new favorite go-to store! They also have free shipping and returns so you can give em a go and see if they work for you too!

P.S. they have 20% off sitewide, but only lasting today! Use code “NEWFALL”.

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