#NSALE – Step Into My Dressing Room

Hey everyone, the #NSALE is in full swing which means everyone gets to shop now, not just card holders! A quick reminder that things do sell out so if you see something, snag it and you can always return it later. I always like to buy a bunch of things, even jeans in two different sizes, then send back what I didn’t like or what didn’t fit me. Nordstrom is always so great about returns! Sadly, somethings are already sold out, so I am sharing with you everything that is still available. On the first day of the pre-sale, I went into Nordstrom and pieced together some outfits to share with you all which you can see down below. I am also sharing my top beauty picks which I personally think are the best deals of the sale (over clothes), my favorite shoes, and the best home decor picks which happen to be my favorite thing to shop for during the sale. Also, Keegan just did a big haul so I’m including everything he just bought as well. Let me know what you guys end up scoring! Happy shopping xx

Sale ends August 5th!

Step Into My Dressing Room

Photo Jul 12, 1 54 36 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 57 29 PM

*this dress is so flattering! Could be worn for so many occasions


Photo Jul 12, 1 44 20 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 44 24 PM

*the tank is sold out already in every color and size except in the color white, size large

*favorite pair of jeans of the sale!!


Photo Jul 12, 1 36 23 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 34 00 PM

*only medium and large left in both


Photo Jul 12, 1 32 53 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 36 39 PM

*these pairs were the most flattering denim I tried on!

*all sizes still available


Photo Jul 12, 1 38 44 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 42 26 PM

*skirt and tank both sold out in size small, but the pants and other tank option is just as cute!

*Such a fun dress for date night or even a wedding


Photo Jul 12, 1 47 31 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 48 36 PM

*this sweater blazer was my smartest purchase! I wear it dressed up or down! All sizes available.

*this cardigan is out of most sizes but linking one that is cheaper and just as cute!


Photo Jul 12, 1 50 08 PM
Photo Jul 12, 1 51 11 PM

*my two favorite sweaters of the sale


Things I didn’t try on but NEED

*just bought the polka dot top today!


 Gotta Have Shoes

Keegan’s Finds


Beauty Steals

For the Home


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