Laguna Beach Getaway

Oh Laguna, you have my heart. Thank you for being so good to me. <3

You may remember a few months back, Keegan and I did a little California Coast road trip. The only bummer was, it rained the entire time! On that trip, our last stop was Laguna, and despite the rain, I fell in love with the little surf town. So, that being said, how could I not go back and stay during this LA trip?

To be honest, this was the most sporadic and last minute trip I have taken. My friend Abby, who I have been staying with in LA, and I decided on Monday that we wanted to go spend a few days in Laguna. We both knew it probably wasn’t going to work out since we literally decided day of that we wanted to go. However, luck was in our favor! La Casa Del Camino, one of the top hotels in Laguna, was able to get us booked for a two night stay! So within hours of booking our accommodations and waiting for the wonderful LA traffic to die down, we were off to Laguna.

Photo Jul 18, 10 53 52 AM
Photo Jul 17, 12 15 47 PM

Upon our arrival we were given one of their Casa Surf Rooms with a view of the ocean which totally made us feel right at the beach, exactly what we were wanting for this trip. We both aspire to live on the beach down in SoCal one day so this was the ultimate test to see if we would love it or not. I gotta say, from this trip alone, we were hooked! It was also helpful that our hotel was literally steps from the beach.

Photo Jul 18, 11 12 40 AM
Photo Jul 18, 10 35 36 AM
Photo Jul 17, 12 11 19 PM
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That night we dined at Kya Bistro, the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, and all I have to say is lobster mac n cheese!! Usually hotel restaurants aren’t much to write home about, but when I come to Laguna again next this will be my new go-to dinner spot! I’m still dreaming about the meal. Think Mediterranean meets Spanish decor meets small sized shareable plates. The menu features all sorts of sharable dishes from petit filet mignon, to crab cakes, to breads and cheeses, to soups and salads, and of course, the lobster mac n cheese. The best part? Almost everything is under $10!

Photo Jul 17, 2 09 45 PM
Photo Jul 16, 9 22 17 PM

Our first full day in Laguna we spent the day walking around and we popped into one of my favorite stores, LF. I didn’t buy anything because everything is so expensive, but if you haven’t been and you are in Laguna make a point to stop in. They have some of the most unique pieces! Now I really hate to admit this, but the rest of the day we actually spent most of the day at the Rooftop Lounge at our hotel. Blame it on the good drinks, poppin’ music, or pretty view…but the bartenders now think we are locals HAHA. Such a fun spot to be! That night we actually had small bites on the rooftop for dinner. It was a little cloudy so we weren’t able to catch the sunset, but if the sun were out, it would be the place to be to see the sun go down! Later that night we took a night walk along the beach.

Photo Jul 17, 2 15 53 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 21 53 PM

On wednesday, we got up and grabbed coffee at the cutest local coffee shop where we could tell everyone was a local by the way the baristas knew everyone’s names. We grabbed our drinks and took a little morning walk then spent the rest of the day at the beach since the day before we were a little to busy at the rooftop lounge…oops. Our hotel provided us with beach towels and chairs which was so nice because we totally forgot to bring our own!

Photo Jul 18, 11 39 32 AM
Photo Jul 18, 11 35 53 AM

Also while in a laguna we found the best nail salon. If you need a great mani/pedi and aren’t looking to spend a lot of money check out Ocean Nail Bar. It was only $40 for a mani/pedi and it was probably the best one I have ever had. Not to mention the salon was perfectly clean and put together…sometimes nail salons can be a bit iffy.

Below is a little Laguna Recap for you with my favorite places to stay, eat, and things to do.

Photo Jul 15, 4 52 32 PM
Photo Jul 15, 7 21 02 PM

Where to Stay

La Casa Del Camino – Where I stayed this time. Best place to stay if you want to feel like a local and eat well! Can’t beat walking out of the hotel and basically being on the beach.

Inn at Laguna Beach – Beautiful hotel, stayed here with Keegan and loved every second of it. Make sure to get a room with a view, you won’t regret it.

Laguna Beach House – Not directly on the beach but has the cutest beach house vibes. You literally feel like you are staying at a beach house. They also have a super cute pool to enjoy.

Where to Eat

The Deck – My favorite lunch time spot. It is literally a deck over the beach. Must I say any more?

Photo Jul 15, 1 50 40 PM
Photo Jul 15, 2 16 03 PM

Kya Bistro – My go-to dinner restaurant now in the area.

The Rooftop Lounge – Best place to have a drink and watch the sunset!

Banzai Bowl – best açaí bowl I have had, my friend from San Clemente showed me this place. The locals really do know best!

Gu Ramen Tap & Tapas – Ramen and Asian style tapas.

Okura – Sushi. I always find sushi wherever I go!

Laguna Coffee Company – Where the locals go for coffee.

Things to Do

Enjoy the beach – Duh!

Shop at LF – For all my streetwear style gals!

Just walk around – the town is so cute there is always something to see. You can feasibly walk the whole thing!

Take a night walk on the beach – the night we were out there were pods of dolphins swimming!

1,000 steps beach – I still have yet to do this but everyone recommends this!

Fashion Island – the main shopping center about 20-30 minutes from Laguna




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    September 3, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Enjoyed your adventure….keep up the good blogging😃

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