How to Staycation While on Vacation

As if I couldn’t escape work anymore, I took a vacation on my vacation…makes sense, right? Being in LA, it’s so easy to go from the suburbs, to the city, to the beach in no time at all…unless there is traffic, which is all the time. The point is, you can be in Burbank, Malibu, Santa Monica, and San Diego all within a day’s time if you really wanted to, making it easy to escape reality for a little while. When in a new place, I love to explore multiple places, not just the same area. That is why I love taking day trips or short little adventures wherever I travel. That is exactly what my friend Dria and I did last week in Santa Monica. I mean, if you can, why not? Consider this a little guide to Santa Monica and some inspiration to take a staycation while on vacation. Find more locations on to visit with your family and have a good time.

On Thursday we checked into The Georgian Hotel which is about 2 steps away from the beach. Our room had a sweeping view of the Santa Monica Pier and the whole beach #DREAMY. We actually kicked things off with lunch at Ma’Kai and later with Jessica Alba’s event for her newest line of Honest Beauty products…you guys, this was such an exclusive event with huge influencers. I don’t even know how or why I was invited but I was totally fan girling the whole time LOL. Why am I so lame?

Photo Jul 11, 6 52 03 PM
Photo Jul 12, 11 15 28 AM

After, we actually finagled our way into the Brownies and Lemonade concert, if you haven’t heard of it (like me), it’s a group that sets up secret concerts with secret artists that you don’t find out until day of. It just so happened to be RL Grime that night and it was one of the best sets I have ever seen. Totally check them out if you haven’t. P.S it was only $15 too! Crazy!

The following day we woke up, got coffee for Dria and a smoothie for me, and walked the beach right in front of the hotel. There is no feeling that can trump walking barefoot on such a beautiful beach with the blue water just taunting you to hop in. I dream about starting every morning like that.

That day I headed to Nordstrom actually to get the skinny for you guys about the sale. If you haven’t yet, check out everything worth buying from the sale here. That evening Dria and I dined at our hotel restaurant, Veranda, which is just right out front with a view of the beach. We ordered shishito peppers, steak frites, and a ceaser salad with shrimp. It was all so yummy! I mean, can a meal really be bad with a view like that??

Photo Jul 12, 3 53 34 PM
Photo Jul 12, 4 16 39 PM

That evening we actually caught the live podcast event for the Skinny Confidential at the Grove. It was so great to hear her and her husband talk along with Emily Schuman and her husband. I left feeling so inspired!

Photo Jul 12, 8 00 10 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 34 38 PM

After that we stopped in at Water Grill for a quick drink then headed out to the pier to relive teenage memories 😉

Our stay was so lovely, I wish it could have been longer! Our hotel had the perfect location, close to so many good restaurants, the beach, and fun things to do! I will be sharing a quick and easy recap below incase you want to head to Santa Monica yourself! I am also sharing the recommendations I got but wasn’t able to get to since I was only there for such a short period of time.

Where to Stay

The Georgian Hotel – right by the beach, there’s nothing more you need!

Photo Jul 12, 10 38 18 AM
Photo Jul 11, 1 41 40 PM

Photo Jul 13, 9 42 22 AM
Photo Jul 13, 9 40 36 AM

Where to Eat

Veranda – restaurant at The Georgian Hotel

Water Grill – seafood or great for drinks

Bungalow – a favorite of everyone’s

Ma’Kai – perfect lunch spot

Blue Plate Taco – highly recommended for tacos

Sugarfish – Some of the best sushi I have ever had

The Misfit – great drinks

Photo Jul 11, 2 12 20 PM
Photo Jul 11, 10 19 40 AM

What to do

Santa Monica Pier


Rent a lime scooter and see the town via a fun ride

Shopping – there are a bunch of shops around

Soulcycle – yes, they have one! Within walking distance to The Georgian Hotel

Trip up to Malibu – Take PCH about 30 minutes north and you’ll find yourself in Malibu

Photo Jul 10, 6 50 43 PM
Photo Jul 10, 6 28 10 PM



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