The Weekly – Vegas, LA, & A Major Heatwave

Heyyooo! Y’all Im dying. This heatwave in LA is unreal, especially when the place you are staying at has a broken AC unit! #KillMe It was 115 when I was in vegas but LA seems so much hotter with the gross humidity.

Since I said I am starting to give weekly updates for this summer, I thought I should probably stick with it! This one is a little late, but better late than never!

 Thursday July 5th Keegan and I flew out of SFO. One overweight bag, 2 vodka sodas, and one a short plane ride later and we were in vegas. VEGAS BABY. We met up with our friends who we were staying with and had a great little time in Vegas. The typical drinking, eating, and partying went on, and we all managed to escape sunburns somehow. We had a blast and I think I only posted one IG story that I regretted (it wasn’t even that bad). I’ll share a little itinerary with you guys/some of my favorite places to go in vegas.

Photo Jul 06, 8 20 18 PM
Photo Jul 07, 5 59 59 PM

Where We Stayed & Other Hotels I love

Trump International Hotel – please spare your comments, it was the cheapest deal when we booked and I always book the place with the lowest price.

Delano – My personal favorite place to stay



Where We Ate & Other Faves

Giada’s – I’ve gone here twice and it is amazing Italian

TAO – This might rival Nobu…that is saying SOMETHING

Nobu – didn’t go this trip to Vegas but it is hands down my favorite restaurant

Sushi Samba – another great sushi place

Prime – steak house

Le Cirque – fancy french food

Beach Clubs

Encore Beach Club – always a fun time!

Wet Republic – smaller venue, but still fun!

Drai’s – never been for their beach club, but next time!








Straight from vegas, a little extra cash in my pocket (I actually won playing blackjack this trip) and fun memories to reminisce on, I made it to LA LA Land! I am staying with my longtime friend Abby who is living here this summer to model and who also was in Vegas with us. TBH, we spent our first day recovering and trying to escape the heat…the only problem is that her AC was out. We were pretty much living inside of her freezer, please try and visualize that. My second day here though we ventured out to Malibu and went to the cutest wine bar, Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio and spent the rest of the day at the beach catching rays, taking too many photos, and watching the sunset. Later that night, at 9:15 PM because they didn’t have any other reservations, we had the dreamiest dinner at Nobu Malibu. You guys already know I was in heaven. I save up my money for dinners like that.

Photo Jul 10, 4 24 10 PM
Photo Jul 10, 4 22 50 PM
Photo Jul 10, 6 08 06 PM
Photo Jul 12, 2 52 07 PM

Today (well, it was “today” went I wrote this), Dria and I are having a little staycation on my vacation in Santa Monica. I can’t begin to explain to you how happy being so close to the beach makes me. Make sure to follow along to see all of our adventures and places we go!

Photo Jul 11, 1 41 40 PM
Photo Jul 11, 10 19 40 AM

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