My First 10 Impressions Of San Francisco

We finally made the move! Sunday morning, early, like painfully early, we got up and headed off for our 13+ hour road trip to the Bay, and it really was not as bad as it sounds. We listened to podcasts the entire time and surprisingly did not argue once…Keegan and I hardly ever argue, but being in a car all day has the potential to bring out the worst in some people. My car was a champ and to my surprise, we only had to get gas twice…HELLLO good gas milage!! We arrived Sunday night and were pretty dang tired. The day after we arrived, I spent every hour of the day doing what I do best, organizing. One trip to Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Lowe’s, and I had our place all dialed in. (Tip: don’t try and use a knife as a screwdriver…hence the trip to Lowe’s after I found that out the hard way trying to construct the junk closet turned walk in closet.)

We quickly realized our new little home is in the perfect location. We are in Bernal Heights but more on the line between Bernal and Potrero Hill. To my surprise, our place is spacious. I was envisioning have to live in a really small shoebox this summer but I am so thankful we have the space we do. Our living room also has a pretty big fold out couch which is perfect for having people down to visit!

Keegan started at Pinterest Monday morning and I have been figuring out my daily routine. Going from school, working two jobs, and blogging to just blogging has been such a switch. I have so much time but as I sit here typing this at 3pm…oh wait it’s now 5pm…I realize even just this one job can take up so much time. That being said, I am working on getting my schedule set to have some sort of a routine.

All of that being said, and being here for all of 2 full days now, I wanted to share and document my first impressions of the city with you. I am hoping to be able to look back at this when I go home to Seattle and see what has changed or how my perspective has shifted. Please note that these are all of my own personal opinions and are my literal first impressions, and I hope to grow and gain so much more while being here this summer.


There are so many good restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that I am afraid I won’t get to them all.

I already have a list a mile long of places I need to eat at, drink at, see, and do! That doesn’t mean I am not taking recs anymore though, so please keep sending them my way!

The city’s upkeep isn’t great.

Honestly, I thought Seattle was kind of dirty, but here I am so surprised at how unkept the streets are. There is trash almost everywhere and there are even parts where I couldn’t even see the sidewalk due to all of the garbage. This is so shocking to me since SF is such a progressive city as far as eco-friendliness goes. I hate that this was one of my first impressions, but it really is hard not to notice.

Outside of downtown there is a lot of easy parking.

When I’m not directly downtown, parking has actually been a breeze so far, which was shocking. I almost thought I would have to look into public transit, but so far so good! However, I would consider getting Uber when going downtown during certain times of the day.

The aggressive driving is REAL.

I was literally honked at .5 seconds after the light turned green to go. People are such aggressive drivers here, I swear I am going to come back to Seattle and people are going to think I have serious road rage.

The weather is cool.

The weather is a bit cooler than I would like, BUT it has been totally sunny so I honestly can’t complain. I’ll take cooler weather as long as it is sunny!

Carwashes are expensive.

Um, $20 for a carwash?! At home I pay $20 a month for unlimited washes HAHA. But, I will deal.

People dress better here than Seattle.

Just going downtown once, I quickly realized people have better style here (no offense Seattle). Even though it’s primarily a sweats and t-shirt job atmosphere here with all the tech compaines, there are many more people who put effort into their dress.

Is there a San Francisco Freeze? (like the Seattle freeze concept)

So far, the people I have come across have not been super friendly. I am hoping this is just a coincidence though!!

Coffee shops without WIFI??

The coffee shops I have been to thus far, haven’t had WIFI…I’m thinking this might be another coincidence?

The streets are confusing!

Being a native Seattle gal, I really can’t say much knowing how confusing our Seattle streets are not to mention all of the damn one ways! I have always heard people complain about Seattle streets and I always wrote them off, but now I totally get it!

I am so excited for what is in store this summer, and I look forward to looking back on this post and examining my thoughts at the end of my time here. If you have any recs or live here and want to meet up, I would absolutely love that! Just send me a DM on IG or feel free to comment below 🙂 Talk soon xx


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