Girl’s Trip Guide to Nashville

I had be dying to go to nashville for so long! We finally pulled the trigger for Payton’s 21st birthday and booked a girls weekend with our mommas to celebrate. Let me tell you, it is probably one of the best places to go for any 21st birthday or bachelorette extravaganza. It’s such a fun party city with so many different things to eat, see, and do! I had no expectations before going because not only had I never been to Tennessee, but I had never been to the South. I have to say, I was so sad to come home because I fell in love with how kind everyone is there, it is a totally different culture and I would move there just for that reason alone. The food is beyond memorable, however you must prepare for a lot of comfort food! By the end of the trip I was feeling like I needed to go on a strict diet of greens and juice, haha! I am a huge Country Music fan so being able to experience the heart of country was super cool for me. Not a country music fan? Don’t worry! It’s not all banjos and songs about beer and pickup trucks, they have all types of music playing just depending on where you go!

If you plan on going to Nashville anytime soon, I have composed a list of the “must do’s” for you! Be prepared for great food, lots of drinks, good music, and incredibly kind people! The things that are labeled “A Nashville MUST“, do make sure to go. Not only did we love these places but they are highly recommended by all locals and many other peers and friends who have been to Nashville before!


Curious what to wear?

Pack your cowboy boots and relatively casual clothing! Nashville is very casual and you can wear a cute daytime dress or a t-shirt and jeans just about anywhere!

Where to Stay

The Thompson

We didn’t know it when we booked it, but the Thompson is in the best area you can stay in Nashville-The Gulch. It is a newer part of town with trendy, modern vibes with tons of restaurants and shopping, all within a short distance from the main strip of Nashville. We went and checked out a few of the other highly rated hotels in the area but we all agreed we loved the Thompson and the are it is in the best! Plus, we were 90% sure we saw all of the guys from the next season of the bachelorette staying and filming at our hotel!


Where to Eat

We made the point to make reservations weeks in advance, all at places that had been highly recommended to us. I would suggest putting all of these on your list when in Nashville, BUT, if you can only do a few I would make sure to go to Biscuit Love for breakfast, Hattie B’s for lunch, and Husk for dinner.


Great dinner spot! TBH I think I had a few drinks before arriving but I do remember how great our meal was! I ordered the steak which was yummy, but they are known for their chicken so I’d highly recommend ordering that if you make it there!



Highly recommend making reservations at Huck. If you are a fish lover, get the catfish. Best fish we all have ever had, I’m not lying (better than most seabass, halibut, or salmon I’ve eaten). If you are a steak lover, get the steak. I came home and tried looking for a cut of meat like that but it just doesn’t exist here. The quality and flavor is SO different. You can just tell how much better it is than most of the meat we get here on the West Coast and that’s crazy because I thought we had good meat, especially in Seattle with all this grass fed, 200% organic, happy cow shit.


Rolf and Daughters

Gosh, another great dinner. They feature a seasonal menu all with very unique dishes and farm to table style foods. They are known for their chicken, which is a whole half of a chicken which I got and shared with Payton’s mom along with the cecamariti past which was to die for!


Hattie B’s

A Nashville MUST. We heard about Hattie B’s from literally every local so we were determined to go, despite the line that is usually 2+ hours long. Lucky for us we left it for our last day when it was raining buckets…BUT WE DID IT. We waited probably for about an hour in line (in the rain), but it was so worth it. I got the spicy chicken and potato salad and I think it changed my life.


Biscuit Love

A Nashville MUST. Okay people, I should have taken a picture of the line when we showed up at 9 am…it was out the door and down the street! TBH it looked more intimidating that it actually was. We waited probably 45 minutes, but DON’T let that deter you away. You have to the the East Nasty (buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, and gravy) and the Bonuts. I have never ordered or eaten food like that in my life, but I am here to tell you I am still dreaming about it. Don’t be afraid of the calories, you will thank me later!


Marsh House

Marsh House is the main restaurant at the Thompson and offers great options for breakfast and lunch. It was easy for us to dine there since we were staying at the hotel, but the food was delicious and I would even consider going there if you aren’t staying at the Thompson.


L.A. Jackson

The rooftop bar/restaurant at the Thompson. If you stay there, make it up for at least a drink…or two!

Where to Drink


The coolest secret bar I have been to. Never would I have found this place without a personal recommendation from a local. When you get dropped off it literally looks like a gross old building with no signage whatsoever. You have to knock on the door to even be let in. The best part? They don’t have a menu, you just tell the server what kinds of flavors and notes that you prefer and the bartender whips up something totally unique for you. He literally made the perfect drinks for all of us, it was crazy! You gotta try it to believe it!


Acme Feed & Seed

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

A Nashville MUST. Amongst most websites and personal recommendations, Tootsies is the highest rated bar on Broadway. We managed to get the best spot on the rooftop that weekend and sat in the sun and enjoyed our vodka sodas and live music.


Whiskey Row

The Stage

What to Do

Country Music Hall of Fame

This was a highly suggested stop, I mean, it’s obvious right? If you are into country music it takes you through the history of country and all of the notable artists. I thought it was super cool and totally worth the time and money!

Pinewood Social

The most suggest place from everyone I talked to including all of the DMs I got from you guys, and it didn’t disappoint! I would have spent a whole day here if I could. Think super trendy and fun atmosphere with an outdoor bar area with games and dipping pools. Inside there is fun bar and restaurant, and the best part, a 6 lane bowling ally that I would have rented a lane just to take photos of! Put this on your list FOR SURE.


Bus Tour

Our second day, we were feeling a little rough from the night before so we ended up opting for a nice leisurely bus tour of Nashville that allowed us to hop on and off as we chose. It took us to all the notable places including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Music Row.

Pedal Tavern

Turns out you have to reserve these weeks, if not months in advance. Sigh, it was one of the things on my list we didn’t get to do. So, if you are looking to drink and pedal down the street on one of these fun taverns, make sure to make your reservations ahead of time.

Grand Ole Opry

This was the other thing on my list that we didn’t make it to. I know, I know, how can you go to Nashville and not see the Grand Ole Opry…I thought the same thing. Next time though!


Do you have any Nashville favorites?? Comment them below! xx


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