How to Wear New Spring Clothing with Winter Items

Spring is coming, I just can feel it. Anyone else with me? Despite Seattle’s notorious gloomy days, it has actually been sunny and it totally has me catching spring fever. So, obviously I am beginning to curate my spring closet. Spring is such a tease though in the PNW and more often than not I am reaching for my winter parka in the morning (the one I got from costco last year that has the stuffing coming out of the hood). Let’s be real though, who wants to wear cute spring clothes only to be covered up by an ugly winter coat? Not me…So, I am sharing some of my favorite tips to wear your new spring pieces with the existing winter items in your closet.


Spring Dress + Teddy Coat = Spring Closet Hack

This winter was allllll about the teddy coat. To be honest, I think I was even late to the game (they were all so expensive!), but when I found a teddy coat I could afford, I couldn’t say no. When I first got this dress from VICI I have to say, I was a bit stumped on what to wear with it without freezing my butt off, but after playing around with a few ideas, I loved this combo with the beret and heels. If the teddy coat trend isn’t for you, opt for a long trench coat that will keep you warm but also tie the look together.

Get that mini skirt girl but pair it with a chunky kit

So, it’s hard to pass up a cute mini when one catches your eye. That’s why I say go for it and don’t even worry about saving it for late Spring or Summer, just pair it with one of your chunky knits from winter. You can even throw a sweater on over a tee and layer up with the option to de-layer later in the day.

Don’t be afraid to wear a crop top

Yes, I said it…but don’t wear it alone! Opt for a high waisted pair of denim or leather leggings with your crop, nice custom “lapel pins
and throw on a blazer over top. This might be one of my favorite combos!

Ditch black and bring out the colors early

For someone from seattle this can be haaaard, but don’t be afraid of color, it might even boost your mood if it is gloomy out. (LOL all of my crop top options above are black…oops!) If you are in a sunny place, lucky you! You are probably thinking is black in spring even a thing?! Even try going for bright colors…this spring is going to be a bit bolder than most.



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