Why I Am Dedicating Valentines Day To My Blogger Babes

Happy love day my loves!! If I am to be honest, I’m usually pretty cynical about Valentines Day. I think like in the 6th grade the boy I liked gave my bff a special valentine and not me…I’m not really sure… #stillnotbitter 😉 But for real, I don’t know why, I just have never really been into having a specific day to celebrate love, I mean we really should do that every day! Maybe it’s my cold heart, but it is how am I.

This year though has been different. I went out last night and got some cute things to decorate the house and spent a solid 25 minutes in the grocery store contemplating if I should make steak or seafood for Keegan and I’s dinner…I couldn’t decide so surf and turf it is! I even got Keegan a gift (a couple of wooden watches by Urban Designer)…partly hate myself, partly love myself. Some of you are probably like, uh that is what normal people do on Valentine’s day…So, I say, I am a new woman! I repeat, a new woman!!


I did not write this post however to talk about that love. I wanted to share my other LOVES. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a galentine’s day brunch with all of my Seattle blogger babes put on by Emily Elizabeth Events and it really got me thinking.

Ahm, que the long rant about how perfect and amazing and talented Emily is and end rant with me saying I am going to hire her for my wedding. I think the images speak for themselves about how beautiful and well thought out the entire venue and event was. Definitely check out Emily along with all of the other vendors (below) who helped make this happen. PS I actually wrote them down because I am hiring them all for my next party!

Lady Yum, Girls Crew, Damselfly, Red Twig Cafe, Ollie Quinn, While They Nap Bakeshop


 It is crazy to think that my decision to start posting outfit pictures on my instagram account back in high school has led me to some amazing friendships and so many fulfilling moments. I used to think that blogging was a very individual thing. Bloggers were not really friends, but more so competition with one another. They would get together, but everything was superficial. I thought bloggers were stuck up, selfish, and snobby and I was actually kind of intimidated by many of them. That has not been the case with me and these girls though. There is something about this blogger group in Seattle that I just adore. I genuinely feel supported, inspired, and loved by each and every single one of them. I truly think we have something special here. I mean, if I wasn’t in Seattle, I would be a little jealous 😉 So, I dedicate this Valentine’s Day to my Seattle blogger babes. Thank you for loving blogging as much as I do, thank you for your undeniable passion, and thank you for the constant inspiration you bring to me! I love you all xx



Peer Space

Lisa Dupar Catering


Balancing Balloons

Hostess Haven

Cort Party Rentals

Paper Delights

Images x Blue Rose Pictures


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