I Treated Myself To Diamonds And This is What Happened

 Do you ever have your eye on something that you are dying to have but you never in a million years would just go out and buy it? LOL story of my life! One of my favorite things to do though is to set a goals for myself and as a reward, I treat myself to those things. About a month ago, I had an itch to add another ring to my collection. If you know me, I am a ring girl, and each ring I wear has sentimental value to me. I wear my mom’s birthstone that her grandparents got her on my right middle finger, a friendship ring Payton got me for my birthday on my right ring finger, and a band Keegan got me for Christmas last year which I wear on my left middle finger. I also sometimes wear my mom’s graduation ring from her grandparents too. I’m not one who is super into wearing jewelry unless it is minimal or has meaning behind it.

Anyway, every once and awhile I will window shop and look at the pretty diamonds and dream about what engagement ring I want one day…[smirking face @ Keegan]. I have been drawn to the plain diamond bands, similar to the one Keegan got for me last year, and their stackable ability. I never really found a good enough justification to treat myself to something like that, especially if there was no special meaning to it. That’s when it hit me. I AM A GOOD ENOUGH REASON. I started to think about it and I never treat myself to things unless it is food 😉 I work really hard, I always am putting everything I personally want to do second, and really all I could say is, why not?! I had a moment where I was like, no, I am worth it and I am going to #TREATMYSELF.


I knew I didn’t want to break the bank but still be of good quality. After browsing around I finally landed on this Michael J Hill wedding band (lol I didn’t even realize it was a wedding band at first) and earrings. I wear my band stacked on top of the one Keegan got me. It is the perfect minimal yet stunning piece that compliments my other rings and their sentimental value. Now, every time I look down at my hand, I don’t just remember my friends and family, I also remember to take time for myself. This ring represents myself among my BFF, mom, and Keegan. Sometimes you just have to think about yourself first and that is what these diamonds represent for me; ME.

Disclaimer, this was a rare occasion and I don’t do this every time I think I am doing a good job at life. It was a moment I haven’t had in a long time, and I knew that this would be a great little gift to myself as a reminder that I really need to spend more time on myself. It may seem materialistic for some (and to be honest if I did this all of the time I would think that too) but for ME, it is the perfect daily reminder to love myself; all it takes is a look down at my hands. 



  1. Caryn
    January 21, 2018 / 5:45 am

    I love this post! The idea of a toe ring had been dancing through my mind all last summer, and as I looked online to see what there was, being disappointed, and finally deciding I didn’t want something cheapie looking and feeling. The more I thought about something really special for my second toe, the more into the idea of diamonds I became! So fast forward 6 months, I now never take off my toe ring with two rows of diamonds that criss-cross. It was fun to find exactly what I loved. I just went to my hometown jeweler, who has beautiful things, and we sized my toe just like you would size a finger. Then I started looking at their diamond rings until I found one I loved, that looked right at home on my foot, and then they just ordered it in the tiny size for me.

    Now every time I look at it, which is still every single day, it sparkles up at me, as if winking and reminding me to have fun and enjoy the moment. And most importantly, it reminds me to value myself just as I am today; that I am indeed worthy of diamonds on my toes! 🙂

    So, FWIW, I think don’t think you have to explain or apologize for your purchase at all! The ring is lovely, you deserve it, and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

    • Morgan Lillian
      January 21, 2018 / 6:08 am

      Oh my gosh I LOVE that! Thank you so much for sharing with me. I love how special the little things can be. How creative too about just sizing your toe and getting a normal ring for it! That is such a great idea. Sometimes all it takes is a little something to remind you of some of the most important things in life! HECK YEAH, we deserve these diamonds! xx

      • Caryn
        January 24, 2018 / 12:21 am

        🙂 Thanks for the heartfelt reply.

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