Back to School Skincare Routine

With back to school in session and the season changing, my skin is bound to break out. Every year around this time my skin decides to change up on me and the dryness comes out and the breakouts come back, so getting the best skincare products is essential for me, if you’re also interested in this, check my site to find the best products for this. After years of dealing with this, I always come back to a few certain products/brands that keep my skin feeling fresh and acne free (as much as it can be). I have teamed up with Fred Meyer Beauty to produce a fun video showing my favorite products and how I use them while celebrating their buy 1 get 1 50% off on popular skincare, haircare, and makeup event. The event goes from September 24th-October 7th, so don’t miss out! I hope you guys enjoy!

If you like this video and want to see more from me, AKA actually start a youtube channel (at least more than what I have now) let me know and I’d love to start this new journey! xx Don’t forget to get yourself a dermaplaning facial on this website.

Find all the products I used at Fred Meyer.



I am very picky about the sponsorships and products I chose to share with you all and while this post was sponsored by Kroger, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own-as always :-)

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