What Happened On my 21st Birthday?

For a few weeks I was pretty silent on social media. The comparison game got to me, my numbers were stagnant, I didn’t like what I was posting, and I kept scrolling through people’s instagram wishing mine was as successful as theirs seems to be. For me this was all too weird. I am a very confident person, I am not jealous, I love myself, what I do, and I believe in myself 100%. I am beyond thankful to have these traits because I see so many people downplay their worth and get stuck in a mindset that lacks confidence and propels uncertainty. For some reason though I went through a phase of complete comparison and I got really down on myself. I would say it is inevitable every once and awhile, especially doing something that is all about putting yourself out into the world for everyone to see. So, I took a break. During that break, it just so happened to be that I turned 21 {insert party popping emoji}! Now, that I’m back online I figured I would share that day with all of you.

My birthday is on August 6th which happens to always fall over Seafair weekend so it’s always a party on the lake! This year my birthday fell on Seafair Sunday which is the main day of the weekend so naturally it was gonna be a party anyway! Honestly, there were only two things I wanted for my birthday: a snapchat filter and a pink swimsuit #MillennialProbs. What can I say? My friends are the best and I somehow managed to finagle getting both and so much more. Mimosas kicked off the morning, followed by other drinks, shots, and somewhere in between there was fried chicken and the funniest barbie cake compliments of two of my best friends. My brother played music somewhere in between Thomas Rhett and Lil Uzi Vert and we probably spent most of the day taking photos. I don’t think I could have orchestrated a better day myself. The best part? I’m still celebrating my birthday now even coming into September. We are off to Vegas in a couple weeks! Granted it will also be Keegan’s birthday but we agreed to celebrate together 😉


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