A Non Beer Drinker’s Guide To Dublin

Anything I knew about Dublin before going was thanks to the movie, P.S I love you, so to say I had some Hollywood version of Dublin concocted in my head is 100% accurate. You could pretty much chalk up my idea of Dublin to lots of greenery and pubs. Little did I know there was so much more to the city than just green hills and Guinness.

A few things to know before traveling to Ireland:

They use the Euro, something I figured out a day before my trip. I’m not sure how I overlooked this major detail, but incase you were on the same wavelength as me, now you know!

Uber isn’t really a thing there and cabs only take cash. You can call a car with uber but they are all taxis and the fare is metered. 

Just like the UK, they drive on the opposite side of the road.

Where I stayed:

The Dean Hotel

Urban, vibrant, and lively; three words that fully encompass this hotel. The Dean is situated smack dab in the heart of Dublin’s vibrant nightlife district, surrounded by many different clubs and venues making for an incredible atmosphere. From the moment I arrived in the lobby I was hooked with the “I fell in love here” neon sign, the open bar, and the impeccably furnished space.

Upon arrival we were upgraded to their quietest HI FI room with the best view of the city! Quietness is a luxury around the hotel as they pride themselves in a great night life atmosphere-they even give you earplugs at your bedside table which I did end up using one evening! If you are looking for a quiet and quaint experience this might not be your place. The room didn’t just come with a great view but a supersized bed, Nespresso, 50″ TV preloaded with netflix (you know I took advantage of that in my down time), Rega RP1 record player, classic vinyl, and so many other little details that totally made the hotel standout.

The best part of the whole hotel however is Sophie’s, the only rooftop venue in Dublin! It’s New York late night atmosphere was so infectious. We dined there for lunch and also made a late night stop one night to end our 4th of July celebration. The bartender even gave us little American flags!

Where I Ate + Drank:


What to order: Burrata, any pizza, and a Room 212 (I got it with vodka because I don’t drink Gin)


This restaurant (also club on the weekends) is literally like a house. There are many different rooms you can choose from that are all so unique and charming.

What to order: Selection of artisan breads, tapenade, and hummus, trio of sliders, & wild mushroom croquettes.

Hatch & Sons

What to order: Pulled Spice Blaa (it’s just like a sandwich) and earl grey iced tea

Grove Road

What to order: Avo toast & fresh squeezed orange juice.

They juice their fruit right there in the kitchen and the avocado toast comes with heaps of avocado, just the way I like it!

The Liquor Room

The liquor room is covered in red velvet, dark rooms, and strong cocktails. I almost felt like I was apart of the mafia here.

What to order: I stuck with my favorite extra dirty martini with blue cheese olives, but you can’t really go wrong with any drink there.


Fun, bright, and lively bar and restaurant. We went just for drinks and had a great time.

What to order: Elderflower fizz

The Temple Bar Pub

If you can’t tell from the title of this post, I don’t drink beer nor do I enjoy it but Temple Bar is a most go to bar in Dublin

What to order: Guinness (just to say you did)

What To Do + See:

Vintage Tea Tour

This was the cutest way to see Dublin! It’s a vintage bus that gives you a tour of the city while enjoying afternoon tea aboard.

Galway + Moher Cliffs Tour

Hands down you must do a day trip out to the cliffs. Astonishing was the only word that came to mind when standing at the edge of the cliffs. Make this a priority on your trip!

Guinness Factory

How can you go to Dublin and not go?? There is so much more to Guinness than I would have expected. The history held here is worth writing home about.

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar district is the place everyone goes at night. While it may just be a lot of pubs, it has the best atmosphere around!


Off to Dublin or been before? I’d love to hear what’s on your list or your favorite places and parts! xx


Thank you Dean Hotel, Robertas, The Liquor Room, and Vintage Tea Tours for providing me with such unique experiences. Some of the things in this post have been sponsored but my opinions and content are my own as always. 


  1. Katie
    August 22, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    This makes me want to travel to Dublin (and just Ireland in general) even more! The Vintage Tea Tour sounds incredible. What was the cost like on that? Love, love, love this post!! Thanks for sharing (:

    • Morgan Lillian
      August 24, 2017 / 10:15 pm

      Hey Katie! You must go, it is incredible. Here is the site to learn all about it 🙂 http://www.vintageteatours.ie/
      If you end up going you must share what you decide to do! xx

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