Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Tips + Tricks You Need to Know

It’s that time of year again, can you believe it? I swear I was just shopping last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m not one who actually gets all crazy about sales, I’m convinced most of them are preying on my inability to keep my credit card in my wallet when dangling a shiny red sale tag in my face-that’s why I try and opt out of even browsing even though gaining points is really getting me free money down the line 😉 It’s all in the marketing, am I right?

That being said, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is different than the rest. Why? You are able to purchase all brand new Autumn arrivals from your favorite brands and designers, trends and staples that are hot off the rack (and aren’t last season’s items that didn’t sell) at a super discounted price. So, if you ask me, I would much rather buy these items when they are on sale rather than when autumn comes around and they are full price or no longer available. I can confidently say the investment a couple months in advance is worth it. The items I bought last year, such as a few leather jackets, Dior sunglasses, and multiple pairs of shoes, are solid staples in my wardrobe that I actually wear throughout every season.


Early Access (for card holders) July 13th

Early Access Final Day July 20th

Public Access July 21st

Last day of the Sale August 6th


Become a cardholder by July 9th and get Early Access & a free $20 note.

I know, another credit card isn’t always the best idea, but I actually got one this past year and have found the rewards to be actually worth it. I shop at Nordstrom for most everything so now I am just getting rewarded for doing so.

Don’t want a credit card? Join Nordstrom Rewards and get a $10 Note for Public Access.

For everyone who can’t even think about getting one more credit card, opt for Nordstrom Rewards where all they need is basically your phone number to track your rewards. No cards, no hassle, free $10 note!

Take Advantage of your triple points day.

Looking to spend for the sale? Use your triple points day to make sure you are getting the rewards you deserve!

Get a glimpse of what is coming.

See the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog.

Buy ASAP, return if it doesn’t work out later.

Last year there were a couple things that I waited too long to buy and they never came back in stock. If you are eyeing something, don’t hesitate! Nordstrom has a great return policy and will gladly take it back if you choose not to keep it. *I like to use my Nordstrom card for this reason. If I buy a bunch of items and decide not to keep everything, I can easily return without having to wait days for the money to get back into my bank account.

Buy online.

This is the quickest way to assure you will get the pieces you want in your size. It’s crazy how even in the first day how fast things sell out! Plus you can do this in your pjs 😉

Stock up on Staples.

At least once a year I like to refresh the staples in my wardrobe and I have specifically made the Nordstrom Anniversary my time to do so. I specially like to stock up on underwear/bras, denim, tees, and workout gear. These are things I buy yearly so I love taking advantage of when they are on sale.

Buy makeup + skincare products. 

This is the time makeup and skincare brands offer amazing deals often in larger quantities or with great gifts. I have already heard of some amazing deals…do you like Kate Somerville? The Huge Exfolikate is going to be on MAJOR sale. Shhhh…you didn’t hear it from me!

Check back here for everything worth purchasing.

I will be providing updates on instagram stories while shopping and more posts about what I buy and love that way you don’t have to do any of the work.


Happy shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale xx


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