How I Am Traveling To London + Dublin for $1,000

Traveling is my passion, more so than fashion and blogging, so naturally taking 9 different trips this summer is something I am beyond excited about. That begs the question however of, “how the hell are you going to afford all of this?!” something I have heard more than once, even from myself. First of all, if you are that passionate about something, you make it happen, no matter what. That is my mentality and that is the driving force of all of this crazy travel. I am aiming to spend only $1,000 and I am on track to do just that. So, how the hell am I doing this???

  1. I am fortunate enough to live near Canada, home of cheap flights to europe! I will be flying WestJet, a budget airline where I found a nonstop flight for $257 from Vancouver to London. This is a budget flight so luxuries like meals and lots of legroom isn’t a thing unless you spend extra money, but honestly for me the plane ride isn’t something I am super picky about, especially if it is that affordable. If I wanted something more luxurious, the other day I came across this Jettly Blog I’d recommend it to anyone. I made the decision to fly to Vancouver which was $100, but you can cut that cost by driving instead. Another airline that I was looking at was Air Transat which had similar prices, WestJet just ended up being best for this trip.
  2. I am traveling with my BFF which means we can split everything! Hotels, Taxis, and even food if we are feeling extremely cheap 😉
  3. I am making the hard decision to only travel with a carry on. As hard as this will be for me, I will avoid all of the costly baggage fees, not to mention I am always terrified they will lose my luggage.
  4. Inter Euro airfare is very affordable! You can get tickets as low at $20! After London we are heading over to Dublin and found a very cheap flight. We did however “splurge” to fly out of a more convenient airport, but when looking at the numbers it ended up being the same price if we were to have to travel to a further airport via taxi, bus, or train.
  5. Metro! We already have our Oyster Cards which cost about $40 but this will be our main source of transportation, even to the airport for our flight to dublin, avoiding expensive taxis and ubers.
  6. We plan to walk when we can.
  7. We are taking advantage of the free museums!
  8. We are ending our time in NYC and we found flying from Dublin into Newburgh-Stewart airport was at least $500 cheaper! It’s about an hour out from the city but that’s nothing the metro can’t help us with.

So you are probably wondering where am I staying and what about costly food and drink prices. For complete transparency with you guys, I have been working extremely hard these past couple of months working with hotels, restaurants, bars, and other companies. That means, this will be a work trip. That however does not mean fun will not be had! Work hard, play harder, am I right? Make sure to follow along on my journey via instagram (@morgan_lillian).

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  1. Katie
    June 27, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Good tips! We almost took a London-Dublin trip this year but then three of our very closest friends decided to get married! We had to put it off until next year. Saving this to reference!

    – Katie

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