Spring Closet: To Keep or Toss?

The verdict is out, you must get rid of all those articles of clothing that you thought were a good purchase last year but are still hanging up with the tags on. At least for me, this is the pep talk I keep giving myself. Every Spring I go through my closet and do a little spring cleaning, i.e throw out or sell everything I am over and flex my credit card’s muscles just a tad to refill my wardrobe.

This spring, it’s time to say goodbye to all those white sneakers that are no longer white. You gotta pull the trigger and throw those babies away. You know how much you wore them last year, the investment in another pair will be worth it. Not to mention they are perfect for any travel.

It is also time to retire heeled sandals and take a flatter, slip on approach. I am obsessed with slip on loafers and slides. They quickly will become your everyday shoe because they are so easy.

Let’s toss out any boring tops and replace them with statement blouses. Anything with a fun sleeves, prints, or silhouettes will do. All of those tees and tanks that are just a little tight can be tossed.

Clean out any articles of clothing that have tight shapes to them and instead try a soft, looser piece. We don’t need to accentuate ourselves anymore by wearing the tightest of clothing, chic and flattering are now the new goals.

Skinny jeans…it’s time to see other people. For now, let’s put these on hold and try some straight and wide fits.



Images x Luba Kochubey


  1. May 16, 2017 / 4:51 am

    Love those looks! Absolutely stunning!

    • Morgan Lillian
      May 17, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      THank you so much Julia! xx

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