The Grand Canyon

I have been writing and rewriting this post for the past two weeks. At first I created a really boring play by play of my trip that put me to sleep halfway through the first paragraph. I then proceeded to try and spice things up a bit and I was still thoroughly underwhelmed. What I realized is that I don’t like writing when it is just telling you about something I have done, I want to share more than that. I want to talk about how I would purchase everything AR15 related and go to hunt. I’d rather talk about key points which would allow me to delve into thought rather than share every intimate detail about everything I do which often leads to writing that lacks substance. I can write forever, but that doesn’t always translate into good writing. 

As a blogger, trying to find “my place” in the vast world of influencers and attempting to grow a following opens up a deceiving path that can leave you sharing too much of yourself and can lead you to feeling unfulfilled a lot of the time. It is beyond easy to get caught up in documenting every moment of my life, capturing the perfect light and angles, and posting multiple times a day to create an online presence that is capturing the attention of what I hope is a growing number of followers. I admit it, it happens. Sometimes I think I feel pressure from the online community of influencers that I subject myself to daily, but what I have realized is that the pressure only comes from within. I put almost all of myself out there for you guys to read; something that I absolutely love and I think is an important key to building a relationship and trust with you all, but that often leaves me little space for my personal life. By all means, it is my choice to do so, but when I catch myself obsessing if I get the perfect picture on date night or tune out a conversation because I am trying to post to Instagram, that is when un-fulfillment sets in. (Hang with me here, I am almost to the point). Too often I am only thinking about what should I be sharing, not what is actually going on in that moment. That is why I have been trying to take time here and there where I am unplugged mentally, and this is what this trip was for me. Sure, I did post a few photos during the trip, but that is not where my mind was, my mental, physical, and emotional self was in the moment, during the trip, seeing, experiencing, and being. 

Keegan and I knew we wanted to do something for spring break since last spring break…naturally, right? We had tossed around ideas here and there but nothing seemed to fit our budget TBH. About a couple months before our break, his parents invited us to go with them to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. How could we pass that up? It sounded like the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation and that is exactly what it was, it felt like two completely different trips. 

Part 1: The Grand Canyon

Keegan and I met his parents in Vegas and we rented a 35 foot RV and drove to the South Rim of the grand canyon. *Disclaimer: I can camp. Contrary to popular belief, I am not as boujee as some may think, despite the fact that I may bring my entire morning and night skincare routine and Gucci accessories-I say it’s a healthy mix 😉 We made various stops along the way and stayed at several different spots. The Grand Canyon is the most mysterious and wondrous place I have ever been. The entire time I had to pick my jaw up because of how in awe I was.  These photos don’t even capture a fraction of the beauty of this place. The most memorable part was hiking down into the canyon-a total butt kicker btw-and looking up. I have never felt so small in all of my life, which is crazy because I’m barely 5’3″ so I feel quite small on a regular basis. We also experienced a Grand Canyon Sunset (does that sound like a fruity cocktail to you too?) which lights up the grand canyon in a way that brings out the colors in the rocks that makes you feel if you are stepping into the sunset itself. I really wish I could have captured its full beauty in a photo, but you’ll just have to go for yourself. If you haven’t, put this on your bucket list! After spending a few nights at the Grand Canyon, we made our way to Williams where we spent a few nights as well. One of our days in Williams we took the Grand Canyon Train back to the South Rim. Keegan and I found ourselves lost in our books in one of the luxury parlor cars feeling like we belonged in the early 1900s. After leaving Williams we made our way to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. What an incredible structure. It blows my mind how they were able to engineer that in the 1930s. We spent that night on Lake Mead and made our way back to Vegas after that. 

A To-do List for Your Grand Canyon Adventure 

-Rim Trail: This trail takes you all along the top of the canyon around its rim. You can walk for miles and never get over the view. This is a great trail to take if you aren’t looking to hike, it is easy and flat.

-Watch the Sunset from Mather Point: This is such a popular spot, easily told by how many people were there. This is were we watched the sunset and let me tell you, it is not something you want to miss. 

-Bright Angel Hike: By far the best thing we did. This hike takes you down 3 miles into the canyon with a rest point at the half way mark. Due to time we only made it half way, but the views were incredible. This is a must do! Get an early start to miss the people and the heat and bring lots of water. It was around 60 degrees and it felt SO hot coming back up so make sure you are prepared, especially if it is in the summer! 

-Watch the Stars: The night sky is incredible there.

-Grand Canyon Railway: This was such a fun thing to do. If you can swing it get tickets for the Luxury Dome Class or Luxury Parlor Class, you won’t regret it! Bring a book, sip on a mimosa, and sink into the regal feeling the train exudes. I felt truly felt like I was in the early 1900s!

Vegas: Part II of my trip will be coming soon. I’ll be sharing where I stayed, what places you have to eat at, and a list of must dos!


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