Embellished Denim

I swear the weeks are flying by. I have been forcing myself to pause and just take everything in because before I know it will be summer and I will be saying goodbye to my second year of college, something I thought when I graduated high school would take forever to get here. Life seems to literally be passing me by and the biggest regret I could ever have would be not living in the moment and looking back to only remember a fuzzy blur because I didn’t care to stop and enjoy the day to day. I could honestly tell you I don’t even remember the majority of this week’s events. That could be due to my forgetful memory, but I think it is simply because I didn’t stop to take everything, or anything for that fact, in. So, I challenge you to do that. Right now as you are reading this, stop. Pause and reflect. Just take in what you have done today or this week and remember. Harness those events, emotions, and feelings in your mind and simply take a moment to appreciate those things that have gone on in your life recently.


So you know me, I have a thing for denim, especially embroidered and embellished denim. I am not talking about those Miss Me jeans people (those have a special place in hell waiting for them) but I am talking about denim that is chic, sophisticated, and has a little bit of edge to them. These bottom embellished jeans are rocking my world. Not only do they have fun gem details but they are also high waisted which is the only type of jeans I wear. I have paired it with a Who What Wear Collection top which you can find at Target for $27. Yes, Target! Their whole collection is fire and each piece is either $30 or under! I would also pair these jeans with an oversized hoodie and a blazer or even a bodysuit for going out.

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Photos by Jessica Whitaker

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