The Print You Want In Your Closet This Spring

Bonjour gingham, or should I say vichy? Apparently the French call it vichy and over here we say gingham…whatever it is, this 50s inspired, formally feminine, print is taking over for Spring. Historically known to be worn as soft and dainty, gingham is coming back deconstructed, paired with raw hems, and demonstrating a more edgy vibe. While the feminine flare is a big trend this spring as well, try adding feminine pieces to a more edgy gingham print to create a good balance.

In other news, I am back from holiday! I will do a post about it coming up sharing where I went and what I did. It was such an adventure and I have some beautiful pictures courtesy of my iphone 7 (lol). I brought my camera but it didn’t manage to make it’s way out of my suitcase-this seems to be a common trend when I go on vacation actually. I am not a camera expert so when I’m traveling with my friends and family and having to have them wait up for me because I can’t figure out the aperture or f stop because the sun just came out from behind a cloud and I’m not even sure where the auto focus button is and then I accidentally get a fingerprint on the lense and I start to panic because the image disappeared from the screen…you see it isn’t the most realistic accessory for me!! It usually just makes me stressed so I stick with my phone. I’m thinking I should get some lessons. Anyway, now that I am back home Spring quarter has begun and I am getting back into the swing of things (insert about 4 glasses of wine here). This quarter is all about trying new things! Among one FCS (Family Consumer Science) class I am taking, I am in sewing courses Melbourne and a programing class. Yooooo, who am I? Actually the sewing class is required and the programming class was the best option to met one of my sciences credits so I am really being forced to try new things, not by my own free will. I am also going to be applying for a studying abroad program for this summer-something I am not 100% sure I will be doing if I get in or not, but I will be applying. Not to mention studying in Europe has always been on my bucket list! The application is due in April so wish me luck! Keep an eye out, I will be posting about my most recent trip soon.

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