Blouses You Need For SS17

The blouse…chic, sophisticated, and god forbid we use the word “top” one more time I might give up all hope in modern day vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong, Keegan often reminds me of how inextensive my word choice is, but can we just cutout this “top” nonsense in reference to a piece of clothing that is not just residing on the upper half of your body. A blouse is quite often the piece of clothing that the eye is first drawn to and it should exude a confidence and sophistication that deems respect. I don’t think “top” suggests anything more than perhaps a slinky triangle bikini top that is ever so close to being a nip slip hazard. Let’s leave the word “top” for all those unfortunate beach moments and old high school t-shirts we shamelessly sometimes wear to bed with a hole in the armpit. A blouse is far greater.

We are currently seeing a shift away from contemporary street style to feminine touches and detailing such as ruffles, bows, florals, velvet, and pearls. These details are being added to blouses, making them stand alone pieces that are absolute outfit makers. This blouse I am wearing not only has flared sleeves, but also a half open back with a tie. Paired with denim and mules and you have an actually simple outfit that looks really sophisticated. My blouse is demanding respect. Do you respect it? 😉

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Photos x Jessica Whitaker

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