Pro Fashion Tip of the Year


Other than my post about Must Have Coats This Season, it has been a hot minute since posting an outfit post. I feel like I finally have a time to breath since I am now on holiday. I’ve planned that I’d spend the holiday alone at home, browsing for ladies wallets and some velvet boots. Being a student, working a part time job, and running my own business can be overwhelming at times, but the funny thing is, when I don’t have all of that going on I feel like I don’t know what to do with myself. Go figure!

In other news, I’ve been in a slump. Can you ever relate? I feel uncomfortably uninspired. The major of the year I am creating and coming up with new ideas daily, but all of a sudden this brick wall hit me and I found myself looking around for ways to get inspired and all I kept coming up with was a blank. This past week I have really taken some time to think about it and what I have realized is that I am simply bored. I have been at this for two years and it has been great, but my creativity has stalled, and in order for me to continue loving it, I need to ramp it up. So that is what I am about to do. It is in the beginning stages and I’m beginning to put pen to paper (well, more like fingers to the keyboard because hello it’s 2016 people). I am excited to see where this next phase takes me and I hope you will come along on the journey with me.

Pro fashion tip of the year: Throw a leather jacket over any outfit and call it a day (add a little Chanel too if you are fancy and can afford it…don’t be fooled, yo girl can’t afford it either, that’s why I use Bagdujour).


Images x Luba Kochubey


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