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If there is one thing I know, I am in a constant love affair with blue waters and sun rays. Something about the sun invigorates my body, energizes me, yet puts me at peace. I don’t know how I became this way, perhaps it’s due to living in cold, dreary Seattle that has pushed me to crave exactly the opposite. Whatever the reason, I am secretly, not so secretly, in love with the tropics and that is why I find a reason, as often as I can, to visit Maui.

I’ve been traveling to Maui with my family before I can even remember, staying at our home away from home, The Fairmont Kea Lani. Showing up there is like I never left, minus the non-existent tan that covers my body upon arrival-thank God I tan easily and can manage to get that Maui brown that will last me until Summer. I am convinced I have as special connection with this place. Needless to say, in my opinion it is the best place to find yourself on the island.

Pre-vacation, I was really focused (okay, pretty focused) on keeping a clean diet, going to the gym, and drinking lots of water as anyone going on vacation where swimsuits are involved would.

For me, it is important that overall I am making healthy snacks, sweating weekly, if not daily, and keeping in mind my wellness as a whole (mind, body, and soul). When it comes to vacation though, how often does all of that basically fly out the window?

Too often, at least for me. What is great about the Kea Lani, my home away from home (yes, I said it again for emphasis), is that in the past few years they have carefully created and executed a fitness and wellness plan specifically with their guests in mind called ‘Inspire Your Energy‘. This along with their spa services and dining options can assure you will be feeling and looking your best during your entire stay.

Their fitness offerings include Yoga, Mind Body Barre, Boot Camp, Meditation Breathing, Aqua  Fitness and more, including the Kiakahi fitness experience that I got to go to. This experience is not only a great workout but they integrate Hawaiian cultural elements leaving you feeling like a part of the culture itself. Very memorable! I also enjoyed a morning yoga class and “Aloha Abs” that made me feel the bern-perfect for rocking a bikini later!

One of the best parts of my stay, I have to admit, was experiencing the Willow Stream Spa where I had the best massage of my life. Walking into the spa, only minutes away from your hotel room, and escaping into a wave of peace and relaxation…well there’s really nothing more rejuvenating. Their first class spa services are accompanied by the most amazing facilities featuring the Uahi Wai Steam Room, two Hawaiian rain experience showers, Wela Sauna, and heated lounge chairs. You have to try their mud mask and sit in the steam room-amazing, especially with a cucumber water in hand. The service I was treated to was their Lomilomi massage which is a traditional Hawaiian massage using long, rhythmic strokes. I got done with the massage and felt like a brand new person.



The last leg of the stool is their dining options. Their property includes Ko, Luana, Kea Lani Restaurant, Nick’s Fishmarket, Ama Bar and Grill, and Cafe Ciao Bakery + Market. Ranging from fine dining to swim up bar, they all have offerings for everyone, with menus that have been created with specitality diets in mind. They had options for when I felt like I needed a lighter, healthier meal, but I also had the option to splurge on cheese, bread, and 2 (or 3) glasses of wine when I was in the mood…maybe more often than I would like to admit. Cafe Ciao Bakery + Market has this great little juicing option where you fill up and entire bowl of various fruits and veggies and they juice it right there for you-so yummy! That was my go-to in the mornings!


Thank you Fairmont Kea Lani for sponsoring this post. All words and creative direction are my own as always. 

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