Blogger Babes for Tommy


Do you ever meet certain people that you connect with automatically? You relate with them on so many levels and you feel comfortable in the first minute? Maybe it has something to do with interests, maybe it has something to do with the environment, or maybe it just has something to do with luck…but maybe, just maybe, it’s not coincidence.

Have you ever thought about why the people in your life are apart of your life? Why have you allowed them to hold on to a certain part of you? For some reason, at some time in our lives we connect with people, become close with them, and create a bond that lasts a lifetime; even if the relationship cesses to exist in the future. As people, it is our nature to seek relationship but it is also in our nature to hold onto things; the people in your life now, even if they aren’t later, will still hold even the smallest part of you. The people that touch our lives shape who we become. The longer the relationship and the more meaning it holds, the more shaping it will do. It’s funny because often times we don’t see the change happening until we take a step back and see what we have become because of the people around us. There are a few people who come to mind that have greatly affected who I am mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and even physically-some a positive influence and others were great at fooling me. You know the type?

So, how do you even decide who to keep around and who to let go of? And when it comes time when you realize you need to let someone go, how do you even come to the mindset of doing so? I don’t know. What I do know is that once you see yourself either change or find yourself being the giver and never the receiver, it’s time to do right by yourself and stop being a doormat. I am bad at putting myself first; I don’t like having issues and I would rather brush everything under the carpet, but temporary fixes are like a ticking time bomb. It begins to consume you and after awhile you start questioning your self-worth.

So, stand up for yourself and do what is right by you in the end. Holding on to something that used to mean so much and is now a far stretch from who someone used to be or who you used to be together is not fulfilling, it is draining and not worth a minute more of your time. Letting people go allows room for others in; others you may have never known you wanted in. So here is to letting the negative go and letting the new in. Besides, after all, most things that happen aren’t a coincidence.

This collab with these two babes was so much fun! Tommy Hilfiger x NYFW x BABES…Come on! We were so excited to put this together, pairing pieces from Tommy Hilfiger with each of our own unique styles. We are all so different but side by side it somehow seamlessly works. I hope you enjoy this fun project just as much as we did! xx



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