Thompson Hotels: Seattle Opening

I had the distinct privilege of attending the opening of the Thompson Hotel in Seattle a couple weeks ago. This luxury boutique hotel welcomes some of the biggest innovators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and philanthropists world wide. Seattle is one of the next big up and coming cities and with people from all over the globe pouring it, it is only fitting the Thompson finds it’s own real estate in the growing city.

From the rooms to the suits, this boutique hotel does not disappoint. Carefully crafted with an ultra modern feel, the rooms are centered around the sweeping views of the city and Puget Sound-I wouldn’t mind waking up to that view very morning.





While the rooms quite clearly speak for themselves, the rooftop deck takes the cake. The rooftop has some of the best views in the whole city accompanied by a chic bar and plenty of sitting and wondering space. There is no doubt this rooftop will be the top instagram worthy location in Seattle.




“Where restless and creative minds seek refuge from the obvious. For all those pursuing the un-ordinary” -Thompson Hotels


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Thank you Thompson Hotels for the exclusive look. All words and opinions are my own.


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