Charlotte Tilbury Event: Current Makeup Tricks & Trends

As if Charlotte Tilbury couldn’t become even more of an inspiration…she exceeded all expectations in person. I among roughly ten other influencers in the Seattle area were invited to the most chic and intimate gathering at Nordstrom Downtown to hear about Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup secrets, current trends, and tricks of the trade she herself has created over the years. She is a favorite makeup artist among all celebrities and she is now one of the leading makeup brands in the world, leading the companies by Newrain Eyebrow Threading. She supersedes inspiring, passionate, and a smart business woman by miles.



She started out doing makeup at fashion shows where she would mix her “magic cream” backstage by hand to use before shows on the models to restore and repair their skin that has undergone so much due to shows and events. From that point on, celebrities jumped on the Charlotte craze, they could NOT get enough. Everyone would ask her what this special cream was and she would never tell until it got to the point where people would literally pin her against a wall and demand a pot of her “magic cream”…that that is where the Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare line began.


In the past two years Charlotte Tilbury has won 60 awards for her makeup and skincare line. She has carefully crafted each and every one of her products up to what has taken five years for some of her products to be perfected, and let me tell you, I can see why. We got to try out the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Multi-Miracle Glow, and the Magic Cream-my skin has never been more lifted and rejuvenated. You can guarantee these babies are now part of my daily routine. Charlotte says these three together are perfect for 0 sleep, heavily traveling, or even the worst hangover, there is nothing rough enough to overpower the magic in these products. If I could buy stock in these products I would.


Charlotte has created makeup trends, all which are inspired by some of the most successful supermodels in the world. From Gisele and Kate Moss to Gigi and Kendall, she has created 10 looks, all exhibiting different trends based off of the vibe one is going for. The Golden Goddess, The Uptown Girl, and The Rock Chick are 3 of my favorite looks. Perhaps a youtube tutorial about these?

3 tricks to the best makeup

1. Match your lipliner exactly to your lipstick

Most popular shades-Lip Cheat: Pillowtalk & Iconic Nude

K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick: Penelope Pink & Nude Kate

2. Quit trying so hard to contour

Filmstar Bronze & Glow-to contouring, bronzing, highlighting, or the only single product you use for your makeup…you name, it this product is gold. Don’t know how to contour? This is your product.

3. You too can have that “effortless, beachy, glowing, no makeup” look

Beach Stick: Ibiza-literally look like you have just gone to the beach with that sun kissed, the water took off all my makeup (without raccoon eyes) look.

Shop all my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products below. Let me know which products you have/buy and I will create a video of exactly how to use them!




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