How to kick Monday’s…

The week-end always has me dreading Monday. Monday means responsibilities, no sleeping in, and back on that diet you told yourself you were giving yourself a break from only for the weekend. Mondays suck. What I have learned though is that Monday sets the tone for the entire week, at least for me. If I sleep through my alarm, eat unhealthy, and neglect all of my responsibilities, I find myself feeling really gross…for the whole week; pretty much my whole week goes to (insert your choice of bad word here). So, what I have done is figure out how to make my Monday’s the most productive days as possible, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the new week.

1. Start your day early –

sleeping half the day away is not a motivating start to get shit done.

2. Workout in the AM (MY BIGGEST KEY) –

I dread the part of getting out of bed, but there is nothing that makes me feel better than getting in a good workout or run to kick start my day.

3. Eat healthy –

I don’t mean diet, I mean nutritious. If I start out my week with unhealthy food choices, I end up telling myself “I’ll start eating healthy next week”…and we all know how that goes. Not to mention the physical side of things, your body will feel energized instead of bogged down.

4. Clean your room/Do your laundry –

This has become part of my Monday routine. From vacuuming, washing my sheets and towels, washing my clothes, dusting, organizing my closet, etc. I make my room nice and tidy. It is good for the soul 😉

5. Make lists –

This is my favorite; I cannot survive without lists. I schedule out my days for the week and make lists of the things that need to be done daily and in general throughout the week. This is key to not forgetting that test coming up or an important meeting.

6. Take some time to get ready –

I don’t mean you need to apply full on makeup or spend hours picking out an outfit, but I always feel best when I put a little effort in.

6. Buy yourself flowers –

It adds a fresh and cheerful vibe to your newly clean room…I don’t advise if you have allergies though…

I know you might be thinking I can barely get out of bed and get to school/work let alone go to the gym, vacuum my whole room, and eat something other than a granola bar as I walk out the door. It is true, it takes extra effort and time, but I promise there is no better feeling. Maybe Im a freak, but give it a try, you might be surprised. #MondayMotivation


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