Off the Runway: Son Jung Wan fw 16 pt. 2

I am inspired by looks that are not of the normal. My creative bank overflows in places where people push limits, experiment away from the usual, and sometimes look incredibly nuts. I thrive in environments that are continuously pushing the boundary. I want to create, and creating means to construct something new. I do not want to be stuck in a rut of wearing the same thing and portraying myself as the same person each and everyday. I want to recreate my looks and persona day after day. This Jung Wan fw 16 piece makes me feel like I can achieve that. Oversized, fuzzy, allusion to race track vibes? Hell yes. Socks with heels? Hell yes. Hair tie on wrist? Hell..well that was a mistake but I’m totally owning it.

“Be daring. The world will not notice you if you repeat the norm.” -Morgan Lillian

Images x Luba Kochubey

Thank you Son Jung Wan for sponsoring this post. Words and creative direction are mine as always xx


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