How to Pick + Style the Right Bodysuit for You

Uploading these photos I had to take a double take since I have finally gotten used to my blonde hair! I literally look like a completely different person now-I’m loving the change. See how blonde I went if you haven’t here

When it comes to picking my outfits I always try and keep things in balance, especially in the warmer months. Bodysuits are currently one of my favorite pieces to wear and I know that will carry into summer no doubt. When it comes to bodysuits though, there is the potential for things to go very wrong in the area of revealing too much skin. No one wants to be that girl. Please don’t be that girl. The things to always consider are as follows:

1. know your body.

Everyone wears clothes differently based on their body shape. Someone who is short with a bigger bust wouldn’t benefit from the same leo as someone who is tall with small boobs. When it comes to leotards, the focus is on your upper half, so know where you fall and know the styles that work best with your boobs or lack there of. 😉

2. have the right bra (or not)

Many bodysuits are either backless, sideless, completely sheer/mesh, or have a really deep v neck…all of which do not work with a normal or even a strapless bra. Personally, no bra is the way I like to go when wearing leotards, then again I don’t have big boobs so I can get away with it. Try those sticky petals you can get from Target for like $6.

3. know your setting

Like any outfit, know where you will be wearing this outfit to. A day at the beach with a cooler full of beer vs. lunch with your father at the Four Seasons would definitly warrant two very different outfits, right? YES. Also, weather is important to think about too. This being said, choose wisely.

4. styling is key

This is what makes or breaks this clothing piece. For example (since it’s still cold and rainy here in Seattle) I have paired the ‘Out From Under Bae Textured Bodysuit’ from Urban Outfitters with one of my favorite pairs of BDG denim, a duster jacket, and my  Lafayette 148 NY ‘Seri City Sandal’ and ‘leather Cross Body.’ This outfit practically hides the fact that it’s a one piece, with the exception of the small side boob action-this is okay though. Like I said, it’s all in the balance. This outfit just isn’t as practical for summer though. Try this outfit without the jacket and cuffed boyfriend jeans, or opt for a Re/Done longer short.

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Wearing K D’Angelo Designs necklace







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