A New Type of Grunge

Trend Alert: Patches

Grunge hit a pretty stagnant period these past couple of years and it is now resurfacing in a new light…with patches. This season we saw designers adding patches to their pieces, creating an edgy element of detail to their collections. Patches allow you to create a look that is 100% one of a kind that tells a story about you. I recently began collecting patches and I’m saving them up to create my own totally unique piece that represents me. There is nothing better than wearing something that 1) no one else has and 2) has a part of you. If you aren’t into being crafty though there are plenty of pieces out there that you can buy, like this Zara look I am wearing. Patched looks have become more accessible within the last month or two, and I have been taking advantage. Everything I have been purchasing lately has patches on them. From pants, to shirts, to shoes…I’m a little over obsessed.


Obsessing Over




Photos x Luba Kochubey

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