The Wide Leg Pant

Trend Alert: The Wide Leg Pant

Fashion is a curious thing. Various styles intercepted by trends, moods, and just simple creativity can be reduced down to one simple statement: fashion. In the small amount of time I have been apart of the fashion world I have seen trends come and go and then reappear once again in a new light. It is a repetition that is constantly changing and evolving as the seasons go on. We cannot escape trends as they come, but we can push limits and experiment with our own ideas of fashion. We create something that represents who we are and our state of mind; we create a statement to the world expressing who we are and how we want to be perceived. To me, there is nothing more eye catching than someone who portrays sophistication and confidence.

This look created with Lafayette 148 featuring the wide leg pant is my version of sophistication and confidence. I cannot help but feel empowered when wearing this vest and pant combination. Sophistication is portrayed through the prominent, crisp and clean silhouette of the vest and pant as confidence comes from the feeling within, ultimately shining outwardly. While the wide leg pant may be a current trend, this look will not be outdated. When an outfit is no longer confined by the idea of trends, but rather a feeling, it is considered timeless.


Lafayette 148 New York







Photos x Luba Kochubey

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