Bold Patterns

Inspiration comes in many forms, in many waves, and sometimes the stream in which is it flowing is blocked. To feel inspired is more than just having a good idea, it is the process in which you become stimulated by something or someone to go off and create art, whatever that may be to you. Art is no longer confined by the limits of drawing, painting, or sculpting. Art is the expression of one’s inspirations and emotions. It is something powerful. It can be something, or nothing at all. The absence of substance doesn’t mean the absence of art. Today, art is an expression, it is no longer bound by the lines of physical existence. We take our most inner expressions, passions, and emotions and bring them outward, creating our own version of art.

This is my version. This is my most inner passion, what I feel, what I am propelled by. My version of art is a combination of inspiration of those that create and my own ability to create. Through photos, writing, and my style, I open up to you. My drive is not superficial, my drive is the creative process. I do not create art how others do, but it is art. I share my creativity online as a portal to express who I am, which is the most vulnerable thing I can do. I challenge you to see my blog this way as well. This is who I am, but more importantly this how I am feeling. This is my release of inspiration, these are my inner most feelings; this is my art.


Topshop | Jeffery Campbell






Photos x Luba Kochubey


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