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I feel as though I have been MIA. Between the whirlwind of packing up my life, reorganizing it into a 4×4 box (actually, I gotta say my dorm room really isn’t that bad space wise), making sure my room’s color pallet doesn’t stray away from white, attending events, starting classes, attempting to hit the gym, making friends, eating everywhere but the cafeteria, and the various things in-between, you can say I have been a bit busy. Yesterday was officially my first day of school, and I can already tell a few things about being here. 1. My style doesn’t fit in with the hipster vibe here that everyone seems to be dressing to 2. freshman 15 is a scary thing that is out to get all freshman 3. #brokecollegekid should really start trending because it’s so true. Regardless, I am excited to finally get some sort of schedule back into my life and continue working (on the blog and a new job that I will be getting this week). So much content is in the que, I can hardly wait to get posting. Keep a look out for my True Religion Project, more NYFW posts, a whole new kind of post that I am super excited about, and a look into my new room!

In the mean time, I think we can all agree that seasons are changing and fall is most definitely stinging in the air. The dark hours are lingering, John Mayer playlists are resurfacing, and noses are turning cold in the evenings. I can finally say I am ready to transition into the season of big coats, chi tea lattes, and halloween, which by the way get excited, because I am so excited to show off my halloween costume!! Fall also marks the time in which I will no longer be judged for wearing dark colors, most importantly, black. When it comes to fall fashion, there’s always a slight question that buzzes around the idea of the perfect fall staple. Most seasons have a “go-to piece” of clothing, but when it comes to fall we are not yet wearing big coats that fall below our knees, nor are we counting our collection of white whimsical dresses. For this very reason, I believe I have found that mystery piece. The mystery of the fall staple can be concluded with this front zip shift dress. Between comfy, trendy, and the fluctuating fall weather, this dress hits all the marks, especially when paired with a strong suede coat. You just can’t go wrong with this combo in the fall. I am excited to keep working on more fall looks!

P.S I’M GOING BACK TO SPAIN. I cannot wait to return next July and experience Spain’s wonders all over again, plus I am going to make a point to head on up to Paris this time! I’m already counting down the days. Where else should I travel this coming year?? I cannot contain this travel bug of mine.


TFNC London | Vintage | Polette | Mango






Photos x Luba Kochubey


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